ESD Electro- Static Discharge

Electro-static discharge (ESD) occurs when two bodies of different electrical charges come into contact with each other and then separate. This often takes the form of a spark and it occurs in a fraction of a second. We have all experienced this at some time, often when shaking hands with someone and it usually results in a brief unpleasant shock. Unfortunately, this occurrence can also cause expensive damage when a person is handling sensitive electronic components or equipment. 

Now available from Trading Downunder Pty Ltd is the new ESD range of safety footwear from Gator Safety. The new Impulse range offers enhanced anti-static discharge capabilities. When these styles are worn, the wearer discharges any build-up of static electricity when their feet are in contact with the floor, thereby protecting themselves and sensitive equipment in the work environment.

Apart from the specific ESD features the footwear is extremely lightweight, stylish and comfortable. The Gator Impulse ESD range is certified to Australian Standards AS/NZ 2210.3 2009 Class1.

Gator Recoil GI6085
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Gator Rebound GI2011
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